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The Legit Guide to Keyword Research

The Legit Guide to Doing SEO Audit 

SEO Audit: Backlinks

the last thing you want is low-quality spammy backlinks, it can drag you down and might land a penalty on you, find out how to identify bad backlinks.

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SEO Audit: Page Speed

website speed now considered a major ranking factor, if your site is slow your ranking is doomed, find out how to do an SEO Speed Audit. it’s really easy!

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SEO Audit: Canonicals Tags

Canonicalizing your contents is basically telling Google that this is the preferred version and the original one, find out how to identify and fix them.

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SEO Audit: Contents

the cornerstone of any SEO when it comes to ranking is the content, contents should always be optimized around your keywords.

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SEO Audit: Website Navigation

doing the SEO Audit for your website navigations can enhance the UX/UI, part of that SEO audit also is checking the internal linking and contextual linking.

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