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About Saif Abbas

About Saif Abbas

I specialize in sale funnel development with a focus on traffic and conversion rate optimization. However, my core skills are within the technical organic search engine optimization services, from Panda optimization to penalty recovery, site audit to user experience consultancy. I bring to the table skills not only in SEO, but also business management and startup growth hacking as well as extensive programming experience and creative skills.

My mission is to move new business owners forward in this digital ecosystem. From my own experience, startups always hinder and fail to step ahead when it comes to digital marketing due to lack of strategy.

If you want to be found by new customers on the first page of Google, you need to get serious about optimizing your website for the search engines first and look extensively into the data from your analytics, and continuously doing A/B Testing and improving your conversion rate.

Ranking well in Google search results will bring a massive amount of new business to your website, but having traffic is only part of the growth formula if you had that enormous traffic what you would do with it?

that’s why the first step should always be getting more traffic, and then and only then you start optimizing the conversion rate by delivering a memorable experience that capture and nurture lead within the first minute of the website visit.

So how to get there? The answer is simple; you can learn to do it yourself, I did that, or hire someone like me who do it for you.

I help my clients with the following:

  • site architecture.
  • internal linking strategy.
  • keyword research and competitive analysis.
  • topical analysis
  • SEO best practices & site audits
  • on-page tuning for maximum benefits from Panda
  • Google penalty recovery, including backlink analysis for both algorithmic and manual penalties
  • local search optimization
  • white-hat link-building strategies
  • pagination and duplicate content issues
  • rel=canonical configuration
  • rich content strategies, including search-optimized photo galleries, Google Maps API, embedded video, etc.
  • XML sitemaps
  • page speed analysis and recommendations
  • Yoast WordPress SEO plugin configuration

I’m also an SEO Manager working at Columbus agency, one of the largest digital agencies in the APAC region.

I’m an active blogger, I write here in my blog mostly about SEO and sale funnels strategies, and I also write on the IQ Societies blog, where I write about life hacks, make sure to check it out.



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